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Superordinate control systems RENNERcontrol and RENNERconnect


RENNERcontrol is a base load change over in a wall-mounting box with web visualization and touch screen. It is available in different versions.


RENNERcontrol Touch 

Webserver with base load change over and 7“ touch screen. Visualization and monitoring of compressors via network and at site; BLCO for up to 4 compressors.

RENNERcontrol Touch without web visualisation

Like RENNERcontrol Touch, but without webserver. The compressors are connected via RS485 interface of the RENNER control systems RENNERlogicRENNERtronic and RENNERtronic Plus. Compressors of other manufacturers require a connecting module. The application examples of the built-in base load change over apply to RENNERcontrol as well.


Advantages of the RENNERcontrol

  • easy to retrofit
  • visualization of compressors
  • enhanced fault and maintenance management
  • analysis of 3 additional analog sensors
  • E-mail reports maintenance and malfunction
  • digital inputs / outputs can be expanded via additional module

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Webserver for RENNERcontrol

The basic view shows the current network pressure, the current state of the compressors as well as date and time. Detailed information can be retrieved by directly selecting the respective data.

If a compressor is selected, the current state will be explained in more detail. From this screen other details like oil temperature profile, fault message memory, and maintenance data can be retrieved.

Display of maintenance schedule and the operating hours of the selected compressor

Display of the temperature profile of compressor and room


Does your compressed air station work economically? RENNERconnect is a higher level, intelligent control system for optimal management and monitoring of your compressed air station. RENNERconnect contributes to efficiency and is highly reliable. Intelligent, air-demand based connection of the compressors provides not only a high energy savings potential, but also ensures increased operational reliability of your compressors.


Features of the RENNERconnect:

Regardless of the compressor type, up to 16 compressors can be controlled:

  • RENNER compressors
  • compressors of other manufacturers
  • standard compressors with load and no-load control


All compressors operate in a common, narrow pressure band, which means:

  • all compressors are activated at the same switch on/off pressure
  • pressure band can be reduced to a minimum
  • high potential for energy savings, as pressure can be reduced maximally
  • older compressor stations can be operated more economically



All compressors are connected via RS485-bus-system.


Connection to additional components:

RENNERconnect can connect to various additonal components in your compressor room and monitor them (e.g. dryer, drain, dew point sensor, flow sensor, additional pressure sensors).


DIN ISO 50001:

The control system can be used as energy management tool according to DIN ISO 50001 (section 4.6.1. monitoring, measurement, analysis). Contact us, we gladly provide you with information!

  • extremely low switching frequency (extends the service life of all mechanical components of the compressors)
  • particularly low energy cost due to constant calculation of air consumption which ensures an efficient use of compressor capacity


Advantages of the RENNERconnect

  • compressors with RENNERtronic, RENNERtronic Plus or RENNERlogic can be directly connected to RENNERconnect.
  • compressors of other manufacturers can be connected by simply applying a compact connecting module.
  • maximum energy savings (up to 40%) by avoiding expensive idle time and load / unload switching cycles, pressure optimization by 4 adjustable pressure bands and by reduction of maximum pressure.
  • extends the service life of suction controls, air ends, contactors and motors! The service cost corresponds to the actual load times.
  • RENNERconnect matches the use of the compressors automatically with the demand for compressed air in order to generate just the right amount needed for production.

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Webserver for the RENNERconnect control system

    In control of your compressed air station – always and everywhere

  • webserver is part of every RENNERconnect control system
  • all current measurements are displayed on webserver
  • up to date online analysis of the operation of the compressors and other equipment
  • statistical analysis of all parameters in daily, weekly, or monthly reports
  • compressors and equipment can be set and parameterized via webserver
  • optionally: automatic forwarding of daily reports
  • calculation of service dates in accordance with operating hours of compressor
  • remote control of pressure profiles, sequences and timer via webserver

Main view: View of all connected compressors and sensors

With the integrated panel designer, you can create a professional image of your station.

A clear overall diagram shows at a glance the pressure profile, flow rate as well as the operating times of the compressor.

Webserver Plus

An integrated service and alarm management will be provided by the option „Webserver Plus“:

  • sending eMails in case of faults, warnings, and maintenance
  • message, if limit values of pressure, dew point, and temperature are exceeded fall below minimum