RENNERlogic, RENNERtronic Touch, RENNERtronic Plus Touch and RENNERtronic Plus

RENNERlogic: standard control system

RENNERlogic – a control that is both functional and simple with many benefits!

Standard equipment

  • RENNER screw compressors from 2.2 – 55.0 kW


  • the start button starts up the compressor, the stop button makes the compressor go into shut off delay
  • emergency stop: the compressor switches off immediately in emergency situations
  • LED display: the compressor status is displayed by various flashing patterns
  • remote-indicating thermostat monitoring the temperature of the system
  • hour meter to easily monitor operating hours
  • pressure gauge and switch to check and control pressure
  • DIP switch to easily set the shut off delay and start up period
  • Modbus RTU, for example, to connect to a higher level control system



  • standard: terminals in the switching cabinet to connect an external on/off switch
  • standardised: potential free signals, fault and stand by messages
  • simplified: automatic restart after power failure by connecting an additonal board (90 seconds time delay)
  • option: the compressor can be turned off via an external signal





RENNERtronic Touch

Standard equipment

  • For all compressors with variable speed control
  • Starting with RS 75 in different versions
  • RS-PRO 2-30.0 – 55.0 D (with direct drive)


Optionally available for

  • RENNER screw compressors from 2.2 – 55.0 kW

Smartphone-like operation: 
Intuitively operable touchscreen on state-of-the-art technology.

Events history: 
The last 50 messages are displayed including date and time.

Pressure and temperature diagram:
Extensive statistics on pressure and ­temperature diagrams with hourly scaling.

Timer with six channels:
This can be used to switch the four pressure bands, four potential-free relay contacts or the compressor.

Replacing the control:
RENNERtronic Touch (4,3“ touchscreen) and ­RENNERtronic Plus Touch (7“ touchscreen) are easily interchangeable.

USB stick: 
Updates can be easily uploaded using a USB stick.

Service indicator:
Maintenance message will be shown when the set operating hour intervals is reached or at the latest after one year.

Different code levels:
Parameter access is restricted depending on the code level and the compressor is thus protected against unauthorised access.

Flexible inputs and outputs:
Freely assignable and ­inscribable ­digital inputs as well as four potential-free outputs.

Control of frequency converters:
The direct connection via RS485 bus interface eliminates the need for a separate converter display. Exchange of information in plain text.

Display of compressor utilisation:
Recording of operating and load hours as well as the percentage load for compressors with variable speed control.


  • Saves energy
  • Safe operation of the compressor
  • Controls and monitors the system
  • Easy to use
  • Greater reliability of operation
  • Can be exhanced according to specific customer requirements
  • Optional compressor monitoring

RENNERtronic Plus Touch with additional functions

The RENNERtronic Plus Touch fulfils all the functions of the RENNERtronic Touch.
But it can do even more! 

Optionally available for

  • RENNER screw compressors from 2.2 – 355 kW
  • RENNER single SCROLLs from 1.5 – 7.5 kW


Timer with eight channels:
In addition to the above-mentioned functions, priorities for Base Load Change Over can also be assigned via the timer.

7“ touchscreen:
Overview a multitude of information simultaneously and clearly.

Pressure and temperature diagram:
Extensive statistics on pressure and ­temperature diagrams with daily, weekly and monthly scaling.

Base Load Change Over: 
The software is equipped with an extensive Base Load Change Over. This is connected via an additional interface module (Modbus). This allows you to control up to eight additional compressors. The compressors are connected with a network cable.

RENNERtronic Plus: The compressor control with additional functions


Standard equipment

  • SLM-S 7.5 – 30.0
  • water injected compressors (RSW)


Optionally available for:

  • RS-M Booster
  • SL-S 1.5 – 5.5

Performance features

The RENNERtronic Plus has all the functions of the standard RENNERtronic. And it can do even more!

Real-time clock:
All functions can be called up on the large display with real-time clock. The internal software has a timer with 7 channels.

Base load change over function:
This software comes with a base load change over function which will be connected via RS485 interface(modbus) to a maximum of 4 additional compressors.

The hardware also has additional features: RENNERtronic Plus has 11 digital inputs (the RENNERtronic has 5), 8 digital outputs (instead of 6), 1 analog input for a temperature sensor and 3 for pressure transducers and current transformers. Both analog outputs can be used without an additional module. Easier operation due to a larger display.

Monitoring of system pressure:
System pressure is monitored via a pressure transducer connected to the air end. The compressor only starts up after full discharge; shut off delay time can be controlled by system pressure. In addition, the controller checks whether the mains pressure is building up, for example to identify a belt break.



  • profibus connection