Compressed air treatment for perfect compressed air quality

Compressed air is used in many fields of industrial applications. The very purpose for which it is used is crucial. For example, different requirements apply to the food industry than to craft businesses. Therefore, it is important that the compressed air treatment is tailored to the respective area of application. RENNER offers you an extensive product portfolio with cyclone separators, compressed air filters, refrigeration dryers, condensate drains and oil-water separation systems:


The advantages of pure compressed air are:

  • High product quality
  • More effective and fault-free operation
  • Process reliability
  • Less wear and tear and repairs on the connected components
  • A longer service life for your machines
  • Optimal cost efficiency

The importance of optimum compressed air treatment

Well, did you know that? One cubic meter of our ambient air contains up to 190 million particles of dirt. In addition, there is water, oil, lead, cadmium and mercury in the air. This increases the concentration of dirt particles per cubic meter of compressed air considerably.

These contaminants endanger the environment and ultimately your machines. How clean your compressed air needs to be depends on which application you need it for. RENNER offers you numerous options for filtering out the various pollutants.

Are you working in a humid and dusty environment?

If your compressor has large quantities of water and dirt particles that obstruct the production process, a cyclone separator will help with the compressed air treatment.

The centrifugal effect ensures that the compressed air flows like a cyclone in the interior of the filter. The special shape of the lower part of the filter housing and a mushroom-like shielding make it impossible for separated aerosols to be carried along with the compressed air stream. In so doing, up to 99% of the liquid is extracted from the compressed air, the cyclone separator further precleans the air by removing larger pieces of particulate matter. In most cases, a refrigeration dryer is indispensable for further processing.

Reliable treatment of compressed air – with RENNER air filters

RENNER compressed air filters are reliable, efficient and indispensable for compressed air treatment. Oil and water aerosols are consistently separated. Consistently, because our filters use different filtration mechanisms:

  • Separation through direct trapping
  • Inertial impact
  • Brownian molecular motion

This makes almost 100% separation efficiency possible. 

Three stages for producing oil-free compressed air: The Economizer

A combination of submicrofilter, activated carbon adsorber and high performance particle filter.



The Economizer determines the ideal time to replace a used filter element by permanently measuring the differential pressure. The integrated microprocessor evaluates the measurement data and compares the higher energy costs caused by pressure loss with the costs of a new filter element. Thus, this filter scores with highest efficiency and saves you money.

Compressed air treatment with a refrigeration dryer

Any user of compressed air will, at some point, see water/moisture appearing in the air distribution network. This can be small or large water quantities which courses serious problems, depending on the application. (e.g. corrosion).

RENNER compressed air refrigeration dryers RKT+, RKT-CQ and DC series are ideal in the treatment of compressed air. When air with a given relative humidity is cooled, it reaches a temperature at which it is saturated and through the drying process, the air is cooled beyond the dewpoint which results in condensation of the water vapor. The RENNER dryers come with a condensate drain that drains the water out of the refrigeration dryer. The dried and condensate free water can then be channeled out.

RENNER offers a wide range of dryers. Our dryers are equipped with electronic control, time or level controlled condensate drains and energy-saving control for the DC series. 

How can condensate be reliably drained?

The RENNER codensate drain is an important component of your compressed air treatment system. It removes condensate from the compressed air network that has been separated in receivers, cyclone separators, filters and refrigeration dryers. The RENNER UFM condensate drains are level-controlled: When the maximum condensate level is reached, the intelligent electronic control system opens the drain line and drains the condensate. 
As soon as the condensate drain is emptied, the drain line is closed again.

Condensate contaminated with oil can be reliably cleaned with our ROS oil-water-separator. Under no circumstances must uncleaned condensate be disposed of in the sewer system. It must first be separated. An oil-water-separator is therefore indispensable. Further advantages:

  • Cleaned condensate may be disposed of in the sewer system
  • No additional energy costs
  • Long filter life
  • Retrofitting in older systems also possible