Oil-free compressors

Wherever clean compressed air is required, you are on the safe side with RENNER compressors. Rely on an absolutely pure result, for example in the food and beverage industry - at the winery or in the brewery - oil-free compressors from RENNER ensure high-quality results.

Both our SCROLL compressors and our water-injected screw compressors are ideally suited for applications with the highest standards of pure compressed air. 100% safe, highly efficient and reliable.


RENNER SCROLLline compressors  how is the air compressed?

The compression is absolutely stepless via a rigid and a rotating spiral compression element. The result: a low-pulsation compressed air stream. Our oil-free compressors are Made in Germany and guarantee safe and reliable operation over the entire service life. They convince with

  • a small number of moving components
  • the use of high-quality materials


Optional: Compact design with refrigeration dryer

RENNER oil-free SCROLLline compressors fit into any production environment. They impress with efficiency and reliability in every aspect of your production. They ensure a trouble-free and reliable air supply in the oil free market for many years.

You can order your compressor with or without refrigeration dryer. The option with a refrigeration dryer (SLK-series) comes with an already fitted dryer.

The multiple compressor system (SLM-series) with two, three or four independently working compressor units is particularly suited to applica­tions with greatly fluctuating compressed air consumption or for ap­plications that absolutely require reserve capacity for additional safety.

Your compressor is installed in a noise-sensitive environment? Our SCROLLline SuperSilent series (SLM-S series) is so quiet that the compressor can even be operated in a workplace environment. The sound level is as low as 52 dB(A)


Water-injected screw compressors

RENNER's oil-free, water-injected compressors also ensure a clean result. No risk of oil contamination  just 100% clean compressed air. The RENNER RSW and RSWF compressors use the most natural of all raw materials  water. Cooling, sealing and lubrication  all this is achieved through the use of water. The effect: Compression heat is extracted, low temperatures prevail in the system. The advantage of low temperatures:

  • almost isothermal compression
  • excellent economic efficiency with high delivery rates

A unique selling point of our water-injected screw compressors is that the water quality in the system is constantly checked.


The advantages of a water-injected compressor:

  • Absolutely oil-free compressed air which is produced economically
  • Powerful and highly efficient
  • There are no costs for the filtration and treatment of oil
  • Fully integrated water treatment – this ensures consistent quality and consistent lubricating and cooling properties.