RENNER focuses on sustainability!

As a medium-sized company in beautiful Zabergäu (South Germany), we take many efforts to protect the environment. We are constantly trying to optimize and expand our ecological activities in order to set a good example.

The power of the sun

Did you know that RENNER has a photovoltaic system installed on the roofs of our buildings? With a total of almost 200 kWp on the office building and the production hall, we are doing our bit to protect the environment. The electricity we generate is also used by us. In the office building and the production hall, we use many other ecologically sensible means: underfloor cooling, a ceiling fan that draws the summer heat out of the building and, of course, heat recovery from our test runs for heating the production halls.

TerraCycle – recycle non-recyclable material with TerraCycle®

We participate in a recycling program for empty pens, felt-tip pens and markers.

Insect hotel

The insects are doing well in the nearby stream and a large meadow - but they also feel at home in the RENNER insect hotel. Read more here.


Choose your dream bike, RENNER leases it and off you go! Whether in everyday life, at work, on vacation or during sports, fuel consumption is reduced and nature benefits!

TobaCycle - collection and recycling of cigarette butts

We have set up specially constructed Tobacocycle ashtrays to collect cigarette butts. TobaCycle regularly picks up the cigarette waste and processes it further, for example into new different ashtray models. Read more here.

Rechargeable batteries instead of common batteries

At RENNER, the empty batteries are recharged in order to prevent further waste.

CO2-neutral shipping of parcels

RENNER also makes an important contribution to environmental protection when sending DPD parcels. All packages are sent climate-neutrally via the DrivingChange program. You can find the certificate here.