The oil-free SCROLLline multiple systems are predestined for maximum flexibility, high free air delivery rates, quiet and a low vibration level. When compressed air requirements fluctuate significantly or for applications requiring capacity reserves as additional safety. The units are available with two, three or four independently operating compressor units, which are optimally matched to each other thanks to the integrated base load change circuit.

Depending on requirements, only the required compressors are in operation, which reduces energy consumption to a minimum. There are no idle times. The air is compressed contact-free, extremely durable and reliable by means of a fixed and an eccentrically rotating spiral element. This economical and innovative system guarantees reliable and low-wear operation. A low sound pressure level of about 58 dB(A) is achieved with the SuperSilent housing. The systems are equipped with a base load change circuit via RENNERtronic Plus.


Performance range

Motor power: 7.5 – 30.0 kW
Free air delivery: 720 – 3.560 l/min
Operating pressure: 8 and 10 bar



  • Wide performance range and safety capacities due to redundancies

  • High-quality, pure compressed air quality due to 100% oil-free compression process
  • Maximum efficiency and monitoring via the electronic RENNERtronic Plus control system
  • Very quiet thanks to the SuperSilent housing and insulation
  • Versatile application options as the compressors work in short-term and continuous operation
  • Economical thanks to fully automatic start-stop operation
  • Uniform, low-pulsation compressed air flow due to infinitely variable compression via spiral elements
  • Operational reliability thanks to a large aftercooler
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • Reliable and low-maintenance thanks to high-quality materials and design solutions
  • Easy to maintain and control thanks to removable side doors and easily accessible, internal components
  • User-friendly due to functional and clearly arranged instrumentation panel
  • Quick installation – ready-to-connect delivery incl. electric cable and ball valve with air-side connection
Variant overview
SLM-S – double - Renner Kompressoren
SLM-S – double
SL(K)M-S – four times - Renner Kompressoren
SL(K)M-S – four times
SLD(K)M-S – air receiver - Renner Kompressoren
SLD(K)M-S – air receiver