SAFETY 5 benefit programme

To further increase the availability of your RENNER compressed air system and avoid unplanned downtimes, we recommend that you take out the SAFETY 5 benefit programme. With SAFETY 5, you increase the supply reliability of your oil-injected screw compressor for 5 years.

With SAFETY 5, you consistently ensure the safety and availability, cost-effectiveness and value retention of your compressed air supply. In addition, the use of maintenance and spare parts as well as lubricants from RENNER maximises the service life and cost-effectiveness of the compressor. The SAFETY 5 benefits programme enables you to plan your maintenance and operating costs more accurately.

Thanks to the dense network of specialist dealers, the sophisticated logistics system and the authorised RENNER specialist dealers, you always have a trained service technician nearby if required and receive the required RENNER original part quickly and punctually.

Your benefits:

  • Clear five-year planning of maintenance and operating
  • Five years of increased availability: regular, planned maintenance prevents unnecessary, expensive production standstills.
  • Five years of original RENNER maintenance and replacement parts as well as lubricants.
  • Five-year supply of original RENNER replacement parts in the unlikely event of your compressor having a defect.
  • Five years of support from your authorised RENNER dealer.

Start the SAFETY 5 programme quickly and easily in just a few steps!

1. Commissioning by your RENNER authorised service partner.
2. Your service partner sends the commissioning protocol, the fully completed SAFETY 5 application and     
    pictures of the commissioned installation or the compressor room to RENNER.
3. After successful testing, RENNER Kompressoren will send you the SAFETY 5 certificate.