RSW series (direct drive)

RENNER RSW/RSWF compressors provide 100% pure, clean air that meets the ISO 8573-1 “CLASS 0” (2010) standard. This guarantees zero risk of contamination and unsafe products.

The utility patent-protected, direct-driven compressors use water for sealing and lubrication. The water draws the compression

heat from the compressor and permanently supplies the water-injected friction bearings. Due to the integrated water treatment, the circulation water always has a very high quality and there are no limescale deposits. The compressors are available as both air and water cooled versions.

The low operating temperature of the water-injected air ends has an extremely positive effect on energy, maintenance and operating costs. The low speeds mean that the units are also extremely quiet.

In addition to the standard version, the RSWF series of water-injected compressors with variable speed control is available for economical operation with highly fluctuating compressed air requirements.

Both variants are equipped as standard with the RENNERtronic Plus control and the efficient IE3 energy-saving motor.


Performance range

Motor power:  18.5 – 120 kW
Free air delivery: 1.55 – 20.60 m³/min
Operating pressure: 6 | 8 | 10 | 13 bar



  • High energy efficiency due to design features, components and equipment options such as variable speed control and heat recovery
  • High-quality tested compressed air quality due to 100% oil-free production with quality certificate from an independent institute
  • Quiet thanks to low speeds
  • Uniform, low-pulsation compressed air flow due to infinitely variable compression in the screw air end
  • Low operating and maintenance costs thanks to lower temperature progression
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • Consistently high water quality in the circuit due to integrated water treatment
  • User-friendly due to functional and clearly arranged instrumentation panel
  • Easy to maintain and control thanks to removable side doors and easily accessible maintenance areas
  • Enhanced safety – 2-year full warranty
Variant overview
RSW 18.5 – 22.00 kW with air cooling - Renner Kompressoren
RSW 18.5 – 22.00 kW with air cooling
RSW 18.5 + 22.0 kW with water cooling  - Renner Kompressoren
RSW 18.5 + 22.0 kW with water cooling
RSW 37.0 – 75.00 kW  with water cooling - Renner Kompressoren
RSW 37.0 – 75.00 kW with water cooling