Manage emergencies or scheduled maintenance with our rental compressors

Your compressor has broken down and you need a short-term temporary solution or bridging for maintenance and repair times?


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Don't let this become a major problem. We will be happy to provide you with a rental compressor for temporary use in cooperation with our specialist dealers for unexpected emergencies or a scheduled transitional period.

Whether you need a piston, screw or oil-free compressor, our rental compressors are provided individually for your requirements and needs.

Easy installation, energy-efficient operation and reliable compressed air are striking advantages of our rental compressors. Thanks to our highly developed dealer network, a contact person is available in your area. This guarantees the right solution for almost all industries in the nominal power range from 3.0 to 160 kW. This service can only be offered in EU countries.



Further advantages of RENNER machines:

  • Speed: Compressors can be rented at short notice for bridging purposes.
  • Flexibility: Rental period can be flexibly arranged.
  • Planning reliability: To support and analyse investment decisions.
  • Minimisation of breakdowns: Reduction of production downtime through rapid replacement.
  • Low downtimes: Through rapid organisation.
  • Cost-effective: Reliable and cost-effective compressed air.
  • Individual: Adaptation to your needs.  




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