REKO series


The REKO piston compressors are designed for small to medium compressed air requirements. All compressors are mounted on powder-coated compressed air receivers. Due to the high-quality construction and the low speed, the compressors are extremely robust, durable and require less maintenance. The wide range of the REKO series offers solutions for a variety of applications in the fields of hobby, trade and industry: 


REKO: mobile compressors for hobby and trade

The direct-driven REKO compressors are optimized for mobile use and equipped with wheels. The compressors are available in different designs and power ranges. All REKO compressor models are equipped with pressure or filter pressure reducers and are supplied plug and play for 230 Volt AC.


REKO: mobile compressors for trade and industry

These extremely flexible, belt-driven RENNER compressors can be easily and quickly transformed into a stationary unit from a receiver volume of 90 liters, depending on requirements by replacing the wheels with the supplied metal bumper set.

All these REKO compressors are equipped with Condor pressure switch, safety quick coupling and a pressure reducer. From 2.2 kW rated output with operating hour meter. The standard voltage is 400 volts, three-phase, up to 2.2 kW optionally with 230 volts AC.


REKO: petrol-driven compressors for trade and industry

Designed with a reliable, high quality petrol engine, the petrol-driven RIKO compressors are the right choice  and ideal for those needing portable, e.g. on construction sites or in service vehicles. In addition to the mobile version of the REKO series, an even more powerful stationary version with 8.0 kW is available. The compact design makes all versions easy to move and load.  


REKO and RIKO: stationary compressors with air receiver

These belt-driven, economical compressors equipped with an hour meter are designed for industrial use. The Condor pressure-switch with pressure relief valve and motor protection switch ensure safe operation and fully automatic control. The powder-coated ECN air receivers are equipped with an inspection opening 2". 


REKO and RIKO: auxiliary compressors

RENNER auxiliary compressors for craft and industrial applications equipped with a Condor pressure-switch incl. hour meter. The belt-driven REKO auxiliary compressors are particularly ideal for the expansion of existing compressed air systems with small to medium compressed air requirements.  



Performance range

Motor power: 1.5 – 8.0 kW
Free air delivery: 120 – 740 l/min   
Operating pressure: up to 15 bar


General advantages:

  • Durable and low-wear due to robust design and low speeds
  • Maintenance-friendly design with easily accessible condensate drain valve
  • Quiet thanks to low speeds
  • Safety as standard – adjusted pressure switch with motor protection switch and safety valve mounted ready for operation
  • Generous intercoolers and aftercoolers: An efficient cooling air system ensures that the compressed air enters the compressed air receiver at a low temperature.
  • User-friendly due to fully automatic control via pressure switch with motor circuit breaker and pressure relief valve or, from 5.5 kW, with solenoid relief valve and star-delta-starter
  • Quick and easy commissioning thanks to ready-to-connect delivery incl. cable and connector
  • Exact recording of compressor runtime due to integrated hour meter from a rated output of 2.2 kW


… additional advantages of mobile compressors for hobby and trade

  • Easy to transport thanks to wheels and adapted design
  • High efficiency due to direct-driven compressors


… additional advantages of mobile and stationary compressors for hobby and trade

  •  Durable and easy to maintain due to optimized design and low speeds


… additional advantages of petrol-powered compressors

  • Electricity-independent operation due to combustion engine


… additional advantages of auxiliary compressors

  • Flexible application due to wide performance range and equipment




Variant overview
REKO 235 – 350
REKO 260 – 700
REKO Beistellkompressoren
410B – 970B
With gasoline motor