RBK series

These flexible and powerful piston compressors of the RBK series are ideally suited for the expansion of existing compressed air systems and for customized applications. They are designed for medium to high compressed air requirements in industry and trade. Their robust design and low motor speed and piston speeds via the belt drive ensure low wear and long service life with low-noise operation.

RBK compressors are equipped with Condor pressure-switches. The high-quality standard equipment enables fully automatic and safe operation as well as quick installation of the compressors. An optional sound insulation box is available for extremely noise-sensitive areas.


Performance range

Motor power: 2.2 – 11.0 kW
Free air delivery: 280 – 1.480 l/min
Operating pressure: 10 + 15 bar



  • Durable and low-wear due to robust design and low speeds
  • Flexible application due to wide performance range and high-quality equipment
  • Maintenance-friendly design with easily accessible components
  • Low-noise due to low speeds and optional sound insulation box
  • Safety as standard – adjusted pressure switch and safety valve mounted ready for operation
  • Generous intercoolers and aftercoolers: An efficient cooling air system ensures that the compressed air exits the compressed air receiver at a low temperature.
  • User-friendly due to fully automatic control via pressure switch with motor circuit breaker and pressure relief valve or, from 5.5 kW, with solenoid relief valve and star-delta-starter
  • Quick and easy commissioning thanks to ready-to-connect delivery incl. cable and mains plug
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