Oil-water separation system ROS 2 – 60


The powerful oil-water separators of the ROS series separate the compressed air condensate fully automated and reliably without gravity separation into the components oil and water. The condensate passes through several separation stages and is filtered through various oil-absorbing elements. The specially selected activated carbon in the final cleaning stage reliably separates the condensate from the last remaining oil components.

The oil-water separators are suitable for the separation of mineral and synthetic oil and achieve an oil residual value of less than 10 ppm. The cleaned condensate can be discharged directly into the sewer system. The oil-water separation systems are certified by the “Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).”



Technical specifications

Max. compressor delivery rates: 2 – 60 m³/min
Max. oil absorption: 1,5 – 50 liters
Input connector: 2 x G½ inch (2 – 3,5) / 2 x G½ inch (5 – 60)
Output connector: G½ inch (2 – 3,5) / G1 inch (5 – 60)



  • Cost savings: The purified condensate can be discharged directly into the sewer system
  • Reliable oil separation with residual oil content < 10 ppm due to high-performance separation stages and elements
  • Easy to maintain thanks to drain valves for easy emptying of chambers and simple replacement of elements
  • Versatile and flexible as different types of steam traps can be used
  • Low space requirement due to compact size
  • User-friendly thanks to visual display of element status
  • Certified quality through approval by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt Z-83.5-27)