Compressor control systems RENNERlogic, RENNERtronic and RENNERtronic Plus

RENNERtronic: The user-friendly basic control


Performance features

Pressure control within two adjustable pressure bands:
Customers can determine two pressure bands within limits set by the factory. Based on these pressure bands the compressor is controlled.

Monitoring of adjustable maintenance intervals:
For different compressor components, such as air or oil filters, maintenance intervals can be programmed. A message appears when maintenance is due.

Fault memory:
The last ten messages stating the current operating hours are displayed on the control for diagnostic purposes.

Different code levels:
The menu system is protected from unauthorised changes by various code numbers (e.g. factory code, service code, customer code).

Base load change over function:
The control has a base load change over function that can be activated via the menu (additional module required).

Control of frequency converters: A PI control is integrated for controlling compressors with variable speed control. This control determines the rotating speed setpoint depending on the set pressure limit and transmits this to the converter as an analog signal (additional module).

Modbus RTU:
Serves, for instance, for the connection to a higherlevel control system or a building control system (Industry 4.0 Ready).



  • saves energy
  • safe operation of the compressor
  • controls and monitors the system
  • easy to use
  • greater reliability of operation
  • can be exhanced according to specific customer requirements
  • optional compressor monitoring


Standard equipment

  • Booster (RSM)


Optionally available for:

  • SL-S / SL-I 1.5 – 7.5

RENNERtronic Plus: The compressor control with additional functions


Performance features

The RENNERtronic Plus has all the functions of the standard RENNERtronic. And it can do even more!

Real-time clock:
All functions can be called up on the large display with real-time clock. The internal software has a timer with 7 channels.

Base load change over function:
This software comes with a base load change over function which will be connected via RS485 interface(modbus) to a maximum of 4 additional compressors.

The hardware also has additional features: RENNERtronic Plus has 11 digital inputs (the RENNERtronic has 5), 8 digital outputs (instead of 6), 1 analog input for a temperature sensor and 3 for pressure transducers and current transformers. Both analog outputs can be used without an additional module. Easier operation due to a larger display.

Monitoring of system pressure:
System pressure is monitored via a pressure transducer connected to the air end. The compressor only starts up after full discharge; shut off delay time can be controlled by system pressure. In addition, the controller checks whether the mains pressure is building up, for example to identify a belt break.



  • profibus connection


Standard equipment

  • SLM-S 7.5 – 30.0
  • water injected compressors (RSW)


Optionally available for:

  • Booster (RSM)
  • SL-S 1.5 – 5.5