Electric ball valve RKE ½ – 2

The RKE electric ball valve automatically opens or closes the compressed air tank via the control unit or connects and closes areas of the network from the compressed air supply as required. This prevents e.g. an unnecessary start-up of the compressor and activities of dryers and filters during the idle times, or separates areas in which compressed air is currently not needed.

The slow opening and closing times protect the compressed air line and reduce noise in the compressed air network. The ball valve is operated with 230 Volt alternating current, but it can also be operated manually in the event of a power failure.


Technical specifications

Connections: G½ – G2 inch
Max. pressure: 30 | 40 | 65 bar



  • Cost savings through automatic blocking of compressor start-ups and other components
  • Control of air flow by selectively separating or opening areas of the compressed air network
  • Easy to maintain and operate thanks to a fully automatic control system
  • Low-noise due to slow opening and closing times
  • Safety – operation by manual override even in the event of a power failure
  • Straightforward installation due to compact design and choice of different connector widths