Cyclone separator RF-C 0050 – 1100

The compact cyclone separators RF-C are the economical choice for easy and reliable separation of larger quantities of condensate and coarse dirt particles.

The innovative rotary motion (cyclone-like) of the compressed air generated by the cyclone separator releases solid and liquid components from the air with an efficiency of 99% and directs them via the inner wall of the chamber to the condensate collection container. Here, the dirt particles and the condensate are separated fully automatically via the level-controlled condensate drain.


The robust aluminum housing including dip coating ensures a long service life and protects against corrosion. The flow-optimized design of the housing ensures very low pressure loss and economical compressed air treatment. The bayonet lock simplifies filter element replacement.


Technical specifications

Capacity at 7 bar: 0.83  18.33 m³/min
Operating pressure: up to 16 bar



  • High condensate separation at 99% efficiency due to innovative swirl generator
  • Energy cost savings due to the flow-optimized design and the associated low pressure losses
  • Easy to maintain due to bayonet lock and fully automatic steam trap
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant due to sturdy aluminum housing and dip coating
  • Easy installation – direct installation in the compressed air line behind the compressor