Condensate drain UFM-D03 – 130 / UFM-P

The proven, level-controlled UFM condensate drain stands for reliable and fully automated condensate drainage without pressure losses. This is made possible by a capacitive sensor that permanently detects the level in the condensate container. As soon as the chamber is filled, a signal to the electronic controller releases the drain line and the condensate drain is emptied without expensive pressure losses. Fibre-glass reinforced plastic and corrosion resistant aluminum ensure a long service life. And the electronic control permanently controls the function and activates required programs if need be. In addition to the electronically controlled condensate drains, a pneumatically controlled version is also available for large flow rates.


Technical specifications

Max. compressor delivery rates: 2.5 – 450 m³/min
Pressure range: 0.8 – 16 bar



  • No pressure losses thanks to electronically level-controlled lightning-fast emptying of the condensate reservoir
  • Constant function control and automatic programs via the electronic controller
  • Easy to maintain and operate due to generously sized cross-sections and fully automatic condensate discharge
  • Robust and durable due to corrosion-resistant aluminum housing and fiberglass-reinforced plastic
  • Economical and reliable due to a condensate quantity-dependent control concept

The condensate flows into the steam trap via the intake line (1) and collects in the enclosure (2). A capacitive sensor (3) continuously records the fill level and signals the electronic controller as soon as the tank is full.

The pilot valve (4) is activated and the membrane (5) opens the discharge line (6) to discharge the condensate. When the steam trap has been emptied, the discharge line is closed again quickly in order to avoid loss of compressed air.