Air receivers

Compressed air receivers store the compressed air generated by a compressor and release it when required. In this way they compensate for fluctuating compressed air requirements and also reduce the compressor's switch-on and switch-off cycles at short peak loads, thus reducing operating costs.

Depending on requirements and the available installation space, vertical and horizontal air receivers with a volume range of 90-10,000 liters and a maximum pressure of 11 or 16 bar are available as standard.

The durable and safe air receivers are hot-dip galvanized and come with a 10-year anti-rust warranty. All receivers meet the safety requirements of the AD2000 directives. From a container size of 250 liters, they are equipped with an inspection hole for quick visual inspection.


Technical specifications

Volume: 90-10,000 liters
Compressed air outlet: G1 and G2 inch
Maximum pressure: 11 and 16 bar



  • Flexible adaptation to spatial conditions through vertical and horizontal variants
  • Reduction of energy and wear costs for the compressor due to buffer function of the receivers
  • High level of safety – complies with the requirements of the AD2000 directives, equipped with inspection port for visual inspection of receivers with a volume of 250 liters or more
  • Long service life thanks to galvanizing
  • Enhanced safety – 10-year anti-rust warranty