News at RENNER

Insects are vital for us humans and the entire ecosystem. However, the number and diversity of insects has been decreasing for years.

To counteract this, we have started a project with two of our trainees.

But now from the beginning: A newspaper article about an insect hotel gave the impetus for...

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Together for a better environment!

Cigarette butts are usually not disposed of properly, causing more and more damage to the environment. TobaCycle has taken on this problem and has set itself the ambitious goal of banning cigarette butts from residual waste and recycling them properly.


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When every second counts and an emergency occurs, it is important that rescue workers are equipped with the necessary equipment.

"Since this is a concern that is very close to our hearts, we have donated two new rescue backpacks to the local chapter of the German Red Cross in Brackenheim and the...

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The first big project of the juniors Daniel and Ronja Renner was successfully implemented. Thus our employees could move into the new office containers on 15.09.2020.

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There's movement at RENNER!

In line with our slogan, RENNER is now offering employees the opportunity to lease a Jobbike.

Be it an e-bike or a mountain bike - now it's time to pedal.

Our employee Mr. Drvendzija is now replacing the electric forklift with a bicycle after work and is happy about...

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True to the motto “Compressed air that does the job!” RENNER Kompressoren is celebrating its 25-year anniversary this year.

Together with his wife Annette, Bernt Renner purchased a small compressor business after seeing an advertisement for it in the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s...

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Again, this year at the end of March 2017, the German compressor manufacturer RENNER GmbH took part at the PNEUMATICON in Kielce, Poland, a quite popular trade fair with 40 % more exhibitors than the year before. PNEUMATICON, a specialist trade show in the fields of pneumatics, hydraulic systems,...

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The Technik Museum Sinsheim was given a compressor of the new RENNER PRO range on permanent loan. The RSDK-PRO4,0 ECN provides, for example, compressed air for the pneumatically driven muscles of the Jet Pilot.


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“Compressed air that causes a stir” is a slogan of a RENNER advert. These days, the company celebrates its 20th anniversary and looks back on 20 eventful years.


Annette and Bernt Renner ventured the step to establish their own production company on 1.7.1994. It was a bit courageous to take this...

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