RENNER mile stones

2023 - New spare parts and logistics centre

The new spare parts and logistics centre was put into operation in September 2023.


Extension of the warehouses.

2020 - Completion of the RENNER office Complex

On 01.07.2020, right on time for our 26th birthday, the office containers ordered in the company design were delivered. By means of a mobile crane, they were placed with millimeter precision at the designated location and connected to form a unit. The next step was the interior and exterior finishing. On 15.09.2020 our departments electronic control systems, article master and IT were able to move into the new container rooms. Through this move, office space was vacant for other departments in the office building.

This project was planned and implemented as the "first major teamwork" by and with the juniors Daniel and Ronja Renner. 

2019 - 25 years of RENNER compressors

25 years of RENNER compressors – true to our motto „compressed air that causes a stir!“ we celebrate our anniversary.


Another expansion of the warehouses


Extension of the technical office.

2014 - 20 years RENNER GmbH Kompressoren

“Compressed air that causes a stir” is a slogan of a RENNER advert. In 1994, the company celebrates its 20th anniversary and looks back to 20 eventful years.


Continued growth requires an expansion of production.

Inauguration of the new production hall 3.


Extension of the warehouse.


New office building erected; the former offices are converted into a training unit.


DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.


Warehouse expanded.


Ongoing market growth requires an extension to the manufacturing base, allowing for a doubling in compressor production and storage facilities.


Success in the market place is reflected by investing in new purpose-built manufacturing and administration premises.


New industrial screw compressors developed and introduced to the market.


The company was founded by Annette and Bernt Renner in Güglingen. Production and sales facilities were developed for complete screw compressor systems.