Our references

Our wide range of products, whether a single compressor or an entire compressed air station, offers fast, tailor-made, and individual solutions for every compressed air requirement in a wide variety of industries. No matter whether in small craft businesses or large industrial groups, in agriculture or in the medical sector. Energy efficiency, reliability and robustness are always the focus of RENNER compressors and systems. Our following references will show you which demanding task our project team has gone through to implement and ensure an appropriate compressed air system for the companies.


During modernization, compressed air also became the focus of attention at Sinzger. Now it is supplied by oil-free, water-injected RENNER compressors.


Flexibility and 100% oil-free compressed air - these were the most important requirements of Winzerkeller Sommerach eG for the new compressed air system from RENNER.


At the Bavarian potato chips and snack manufacturer Lorenz, two RENNER water-injected screw compressors providing compressed air in supplement to the existing system


fit GmbH has been producing detergents, cleaning agents and cleaning products at its headquarters in Zittau Since 1954. In 2016 the compressed air supply was updated due to the continuously growing production.