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RENNER takes part in numerous trade fairs, both in Germany and abroad. On this site, you will also find product news, press releases or general news at RENNER.

Due to the current situation, some trade fairs are being postponed by the organisers. We make every effort to update any changes. In case of doubt, however, please inform yourself on the websites of the fairs or give us a call.

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EuroTier in Hanover is the world's largest trade exhibition for animal husbandry and management

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The Technik Museum in Sinsheim published a report about the support of our compressor in the new souvenir store on the occasion of the inauguration.

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The new screw compressors series RS-PRO / RSF-PRO in the power range 15.0 to 37.0 kW have been adapted to the concept of the successful RS-PRO series.

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RENNER oil-injected screw and oil-free SCROLL compressors will in future be equipped with the RENNERtronic (Plus) Touch compressor controls. The SCROLL multiple units will follow in 2022 with the new RENNERtronic (Plus) Touch control.

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In the September issue, the magazine Factoring & Handling Solution published a report on our product range and company under the title "RENNER Kompressoren - The specialist for compressed air".



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You can find the press report „oil-injected screw compressor“ about our new RSDKM(F)-PRO in the online portal „PROZESSTECHNIK“.


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Insects are vital for us humans and the entire ecosystem. However, the number and diversity of insects has been decreasing for years.

To counteract this, we have started a project with two of our trainees.

But now from the beginning: A newspaper article about an insect hotel gave the impetus for...

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The Heilbronner Stimme published a report about our compressor station at the Löwenbrauerei Hall on 06.04.2021 incl. an article about the company history of RENNER on the occasion of Mr Renner's 65th birthday.


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Together for a better environment!

Cigarette butts are usually not disposed of properly, causing more and more damage to the environment. TobaCycle has taken on this problem and has set itself the ambitious goal of banning cigarette butts from residual waste and recycling them properly.


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