RENNERtronic Touch

Smartphone-like operation: 
Intuitively operable touchscreen on state-of-the-art technology.

Events history: 
The last 50 messages are displayed including date and time.

Pressure and temperature diagram:
Extensive statistics on pressure and ­temperature diagrams with hourly scaling.

Timer with six channels:
This can be used to switch the four pressure bands, four potential-free relay contacts or the compressor.

Replacing the control:
RENNERtronic Touch (4,3“ touchscreen) and ­RENNERtronic Plus Touch (7“ touchscreen) are easily interchangeable.

USB stick: 
Updates can be easily uploaded using a USB stick.

Service indicator:
Maintenance message will be shown when the set operating hour intervals is reached or at the latest after one year.

Different code levels:
Parameter access is restricted depending on the code level and the compressor is thus protected against unauthorised access.

Flexible inputs and outputs:
Freely assignable and ­inscribable ­digital inputs as well as four potential-free outputs.

Control of frequency converters:
The direct connection via RS485 bus interface eliminates the need for a separate converter display. Exchange of information in plain text.

Display of compressor utilisation:
Recording of operating and load hours as well as the percentage load for compressors with variable speed control.


  • Saves energy
  • Safe operation of the compressor
  • Controls and monitors the system
  • Easy to use
  • Greater reliability of operation
  • Can be exhanced according to specific customer requirements
  • Optional compressor monitoring

Standard equipment

  • For all compressors with variable speed control
  • Starting with RS 75 in different versions
  • RS-PRO 2-30.0 – 55.0 D (with direct drive)


Optionally available for

  • RENNER screw compressors from 2.2 – 55.0 kW